Buzz, Zipp and Xizz Steamgear (85BDP – 4ADP)

The three brothers where born in the year 85 before the opening of the Dark Portal. They were traders and went on voyages to Azeroth in order to earn some hard cash. However business wasn’t booming and they had a hard time pleasing their thirst for money.

When the brothers were as old as 85 the first war started, business was booming. Goblin society blossomed due to the war. The brothers became rich enough to start their own company where they mainly produced and sold steampowered technology including some steampowered robots aswell as tonks. They became so popular they were nicknamed “The Steamgears” or “Steamies”. The brothers liked the name and decided to use it as their family name.

Eventually the 3 old brothers went nuts with this huge cashflow comming in and made an impossible deal. They would blow up a human castle for all the gold they could imagine. They successfully sapped the wall, however if they got paid is unknown since they died from the explosion. Thus the family tradition of explosives and sapping had begone. Most of their kids went out in the same way, working as a sapper.

Zepp “The Mad” Steamgear (54BDP – 7ADP)

Zepp was born in the year 53 before the opening of the Dark Portal. Zepp spend most of his life working with his father Bezzix, and occasionaly with his grandfathers. Since noone knew who Bezzix’s father was, Zepp just called all 3 ‘grandpa’. Zepp was around the age of 53-54 when the first war happened and Kezan was floroushing.

During the whole first war he worked for his grandfathers in the Steamgear factory mainly building vehicles. He became obsessed with vehicles, flying ones especially. After his grandfathers blew themselves to shreds at the end of the first war, Bezzix was in charge of the family business and Zepp became chief engineer. However Zepp’s sister Amixx declared herself as the head of the family as she thought her father was unfit for such a position. Her daughter would later on inherit the title.

At the age of 58 Zepp successfully managed to create a flying machine, he called it (you guessed it) ‘The Zeppelin’, however nobody was impressed since the machine already existed at that time and Zepp most likely stole the blueprint from someone. When the 2nd war started Zepp chose to leave the safety of his workshop and fly out to Azeroth where he and his ragtag crew worked as mercenaries for the old Horde. Zepp became a well known captain and was praised for his flying skills, he only managed to crash his zeppelin 5 times.

He had 2 sons, one which he named after this grandpa Buzz, and the other he named after himself. However in the year 7ADP during a small attack on the kingdom of the humans, Zepp crashed into a tree and his trusty zeppelin ‘Ol’ Rustbucket’ exploded along with its crew and his son Zepp II.

His last words that could be heard through his walky-talky where:” I laugh in the face of danger HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Buzz II “The Fuzz” Steamgear (37BDP – 30ADP)

Fuzz was born in the year 37 before the opening of the Dark Portal. He spend most of his childhood tinkering and picking locks for a living. As an adult he worked in a small alchemy lab where he tried to mix alchemy with engineering, resulting in A LOT of explosions.

He raised two sons, Buzz III and Fuzzle. Due to his job, Fuzz almost became immume to explosions which would serve him well in his life. At the age of 38 the first war started and Fuzz worked in his great grandfather’s workshop, mainly trying to make better steam with stronger chemicals. During the second war however, Fuzz would sometimes go with his Father’s crew on his zeppelin and throw bombs at innocent civilians in Lordaeron. After his father and brother died in a zeppelin crash, Fuzz became chief Alchemist in the family company that was ran by his grandfather Bezzix.

Few years later Bezzix died in his sleep from natural causes and Fuzz became the leader of the family bussiness. He made a fortune selling high powered chemical bombs in between the 2nd and 3rd war. During the 3rd war he would hire goblins that would strap these explosive to their body and sneak behind enemy lines, only to detonate and create utter chaos. The Steamgear name was becomming more and more popular and everyone wanted to use their services.

Fuzz worked as a sapper himself during the 3rd war when things were tight, magicly he survived the explosions and continued to work in the family workshop back in Kezan, supplying both fighting parties on Azeroth. He would replace his missing limbs with steampowered robotic limbs, that would fall apart from time to time.

After Amixx III and her brother died in a explosion, and Amixx II died of old age Fuzz was shortly head of the family, he even outlived his son, although he didn’t have any contact with him and word reached him a year too late about his death. Fuzz died by a natural death at the age of 67.

Buzz III Steamgear (20BDP – 29ADP)

Buzz III was born in the year 20 before the opening of the Dark Portal. Buzz wasn’t much of a family man, therefore he never worked at the family workshop. Instead he got a job at the Steamwheedle Cartel, mainly tinkering and building machines.

Even though he wasn’t much of a family man, he did start one himself and raised a son Buzzek and a daughter Mixxi. He named her after the head of the Steamgear family Amixx II, the only one he seemed to get along with.

He invented a powersuit that could be worn as a backpack that could be used to harvest lumber, shoot missles and pat nasty looking animals. He was praised by the Steamwheedle Cartel and became Chief Tinkerer.

Buzz didn’t see any battle untill the age of 45 when the 3rd war started. The Steamwheedle Cartel send him out to Azeroth to support their troops and repair machines. He got in touch with the Horde and eventually even joined Thrall on his journey to Kalimdor. He helped with the founding of Orgrimmar, build numerous shredders for the Warsong clan that would later on deforest Ashenvale, and he helped reduce the Quilboar threat in Durotar. At the end of the colonization progress the humans showed up under command of admiral Proudmoore, to help Rexxar in his task Buzz was send out to aid him in the destruction of Proudmoore’s forced, cornered Buzz hit the selfdestruct button on his tinkersuit and died the way many of his kinsmen also did, ironicly since he didn’t like his family.

He was a loving father and raised his kids well.

Buzzek “The Crusader” Steamgear (2BDP – present)

Buzzek was born in the year 2 before the opening of the Dark Portal. He grew up mostly isolated from his family due to his father not being much of a family man. Buzzek was only a child during the first and second war, he spend most of his childhood working with his dad, tinkering.

Buzzek didn’t have a passion for technology and was much more drawn towards weapon smithing and becoming a fighter. In his teens Buzzek was trained by a priest on Kezan who used his greed to manipulate the light, this way he would rid machines of evil ‘spirits’, he would have also spend more time with his family during this time. Though sceptical at first, Buzzek saw the possibilities within the light and used it only to make big money.

However Buzzek wasn’t a businessmen and he failed to earn anything with his newfound powers, so he ‘borrowed’ some macaroons from his wealthy family. He got a group of friends together and bought a boat, which he used to set out and start a new settlement somewhere. It didn’t take long for them to get lost at sea and after a few months of floating in circles they reached the shores of Kalimdor, they somehow managed to float to the complete bottom of it and tought that it was but a small land, they setteled down at what is now Land’s End Beach and founded Steamgearhold.

Soon after lots of danger faced them in this new land, and the only reason why they held out so long was due to Buzzek’s understandment of the light. He trained others to become priests who would heal wounds and cure deceases. Unlike the other priests, these would carry clubs, maces and eventually swords, aswell as shields and mail armour. They tried trading with the native Sand Trolls, who turned out to be not so friendly and a war broke out. Buzzek and his crew easely outsmarted them and send them back to where they came from, leaving the Goblin’s alone.

They believed they were safe, but they weren’t.. Later a new threat would rise, the Twilight Hammer came to Kalimdor, and located itself in Silithus. They noticed the little town of Steamgearhold and attacked it endlessly, however Buzzek and his group were able to defend their little stronghold. The situation forced them to better their armour and eventually they would wear full plate armour to the battlefield, forged with great skill. The Twilight Hammer thought they were paladins or crusaders due to their shiny plate armour, and their healing abilities, Buzzek liked it and named his crew the “Steamgear Crusaders”.

The Crusaders did great in battle, and the cultists couldn’t win a single battle anymore and quickly gave up on such a minor issue, Buzzek managed to capture a Goblin cultist and interrogated her. Not sure if it was dark magic or just bad luck, but Buzzek fell in love with her and they would eventually even start a family together. His people looked down on him for being with a former cultist, however he could not hide his feelings and couldn’t care lesser about what the others tought.

His wife Sofeh gave birth to two sons, Daxxtor the oldest and Draxle the youngest, and a unrest appeared in the town. It wouldn’t take long for the unrest in the town to lead to a major revolt, the people began with complaining to Buzzek about his wife, then they wanted more tinkering more gambling and lesser laundry and eventually a civil ‘war’ broke out.

During this short time, Buzzek and his few loyal soldiers fought the angry mobs. In the confusion his wife wounded Buzzek right infront of their oldest son Daxxtor, the boy ran away scarred. Buzzek and his wife could not find him due to the chaos going on, he told his wife to flee with their youngest son to somewhere safe and that he would find her.

As the fighting grew more intense Buzzek was forced to flee, he ran and used a explosive to get him past the mountains, he ran untill he would collapse into the sand from exhaustion. When Buzzek woke up he found himself trapped in a desert, he would be lost in there for years to come. Later due to the cataclysm, a opening was revealed and Buzzek managed to escape. He returned to the location of his town and found nothing but sand, he then headed north in hope to find his family, he discovered a new goblin town called Gadgetzan and stayed there for a few weeks to regain his sanity.

He took the first boat to Kezan, back to his family’s house, but discovered that his only alive family member that was left was his sister and her son, the part of Kezan where his wife lived was destroyed and Buzzek collapsed. After living in his sister’s house for sometime he refound his hope, and decided to investigate the remains of the destroyed part of Kezan, he found clue’s leading to Goblin’s escaping with a boat.

Buzzek travelled to Kalimdor once more, hoping to find them in the capital of the Horde, Orgrimmar. After a long search he eventually found his oldest son Daxxtor, who wanted nothing to do with him. He managed to get Daxxtor to help him get his feet on the ground, and together they bought a piece of land that he would use as a power production factory.

By accident he got into contact with a Goblin named Krezzik who claimed he worked for Draxle Steamgear, however he was missing for a few months already. He invited Krezzik to work for him in his new Powerplant, Krezzik accepted the offer and said his lady might be helpfull aswell.

That lady turned out to be Sofeh, Buzzek’s wife, they where happy to see eatchother and bursted into tears, while Krezzik just stood there.. so akwardly..

Together with Krezzik, Buzzek organized a search and managed to find Draxle, however due to Pandaria’s influence his greed became uncontrollable, resulting in a fight between the search party and Draxle aswell as his girlfriend Jinxxie. After the fight, Buzzek together with the search party brought Draxle to a inn in Gadgetzan. Buzzek was happy and mad at the same time to see Draxle, he accused him of being a bad leader for letting his greed take over him. Buzzek made himself leader so that Draxle could learn from him and become a better leader himself one day. Buzzek and Draxle spend more and more time together, getting to know eatchother and bonding with eachother for the first time in their lives.

Buzzek still returns to Kezan now and then to see his sister and his nephew Gyx who runs a small transport company, they now live in the family home of the once great Steamgear family. He and his sister collect everything that once belonged to their family, such as old bombs, letters, documents. They carefully store this in the family archive which they created inside a big room within the Steamgear family home, the room is full of nicely organized books, heirlooms and other items that tell a story of the Steamgear family, on the wall multiple paintings hang of all the Steamgear family members starting with the three brothers Buzz, Zipp and Xizz. They have not been able to date their bloodline further back.

Daxxtor Steamgear (17ADP – present)

Daxxtor was born in the year 17 after the opening of the Dark Portal. He was born in Steamgearhold, Tanaris. At the age of 5 the town was in a civil ‘war’ and Daxxtor was scared, he thought he saw his mother try to kill his father. It shocked him so much he just ran away.

He travelled north, and barely survived the trip, he was found passed out in Thousand Needles by a group of Tauren hunters who had never seen a green skin before. They fed him and sheltered him for a short while. Not long after the orcs arrived in Kalimdor and Daxxtor joined them and lived in a orphanage.

At older age he became a priest like his father would have wanted him to be, and he worked as a medic, healing the wounded in Orgrimmar. He became a emotionless, selfish person who was haunted by nightmares, clearly traumatized.

When his father found him, many years later he wouldn’t believe it was his father and he got angry. Later on he calmed down and reconized his father, however never even smiling towards him or showing anykind of emotion.

Daxxtor almost forgot he had a little brother. When Buzzek took over Draxle’s company, Dax was reunited with his brother, he couldn’t care lesser and ignored his little brother for most of the evening.

He continues to live his life alone, and without a care of anything.

Draxle Steamgear (20 ADP – present)

Draxle was born in the year 20 after the opening of the Dark Portal. He doesn’t remember much of his early childhood since he was too young. Growing up in Kezan was tough as he and his mother didn’t have much money, therefore he started stealing and gambling from an early age.

He became ‘street smart’ , however his mother was not impressed and forcefully send him to the university of Kezan to become a succesfull Goblin. Realizing how easily he could learn, Draxle managed to get a masters degree in both Alchemy and Engineering, aswell as First aid, Orcish and Archeology.

He worked himself up to CEO position in a small company and to be nominee to become Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel. At this point Mt. Kajaro erupted and Draxle and his mom where forced to leave Kezan. He and his mom lived in Orgrimmar in the Goblin Slums for a while when Draxle got fed up with being poor and decided to start his own business “The Steamgear Trading Co.”

The company was quite succesfull for a while however, Draxle went mad with greed and almost fired everyone that complained about not being payed. After the search and rescue mission led by Buzzek and Krezzik, Draxle returned to his old self and calmed down. His father usurped his leading position in the company and demoted him to be Chief Smuggler instead.

Draxle still has a minor leading position within his company, as he leads most of the missions the company does. The more time Draxle spends with his father, the more he learns about his heritage and about the once great Steamgear family. Determined to restore this greatness, he works hard day and night to prove the Steamgear name once more to the world.