Gzan inn

The guild Steamgear Trading Co. was created 6/6/13 on the Defiasbrotherhood after Draxle, the Goblin Rogue, reached level 90 and server transfered from Lightbringer.

Briefly the guild was the 2nd biggest social guild on the server, doing weekly raiding and occasional PvP. The guild was later on reformed into a small RP guild. However the name Steamgear itself goes back a few years more.

It all started in 2009-2010 when I was into WoW private server, I owned a server called WoW: Elements. I made videos on youtube (mainly tutorials) about how to maintain your own server, build buildings, create custom items/npc etc.

My channel was semi successfull and alot of people where interested in joining the server and helping out. Me and my friend created a entire new zone in Tanaris where our (back then vanilla model) Goblin’s lived. This is where the name Steamgear was born, my character was Buzzek Steamgear the owner of the custom town called Steamgear hold.

We created much more within that custom land but sadly I can’t remember that mutch of it anymore. When I deleted my old Gmail account youtube went unnoticeably down with it. All that is left is a few videos on my friends channel, I was never able to get my own account restored.

When Cataclysm released I decided to remake Buzzek, first as a DK, however as DK didn’t quite catch me I deleted him again. I decided to make a rogue instead and named him Draxle, I switched servers a couple of times untill setteling on the server Lightbringer. After capping I transfered to Defias Brotherhood hoping to roleplay out Draxle’s story as the son of Buzzek.

At the (almost) end of the MoP expansion I finnaly got someone crazy enough to RP as Buzzek, since then we have roleplayed his return, now he leads the Steamgear family once more, as he righteously should!


Draxle is now back to what he was supposed to be: A big cowardly smuggler.

The guild is now up and running and looking for more people who would love to join and RP a Goblin and of course have a good time. I aim to keep the guild as Goblin as possible, good RP is hard to find nowadays however and it is difficult to train others. In order to be a good and logical RPer you will need to devote quite some time into reading, thinking and writing out your story and personality.

We do offer help in training others to become better at roleplay, we offer a comfortable atmosphere to learn and build up your character. If you are interested in joining then be sure to head to the forums and create a application!

Draxle and Moolah